Winter Is Here!

After an entire fall spent enjoying the above-average, 60-degree temperatures outside, winter has finally arrived. And BOY has it arrived—with a bang! Northern Minnesota is currently under a blizzard warning until tomorrow, and the town I live in was featured on the Weather Channel! You know that's gotta be bad!

With winter's arrival (just in time for Thanksgiving) I'm giving myself permission to watch sappy romance movies on Hallmark Channel, and read Christmas books. In fact, I'm writing a Christmas novella which I hope to release next November. I'm happy to announce that the manuscript was one of three finalists in the ACFW's "First Impressions" contest. I'll be awaiting the results soon and will post them on this blog. Until then I can't mention the title.

So, if you live where winter is hitting hard, bundle up and stay warm...and turn on those sappy movies. Christmas only comes once a year!


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